Garden Route Casino Review

Land Based Casinos

Whether all you want is to play casino games, Mossel Bay is definitely one of the best places to visit. With over 320 days of warm weather and sunshine, the place is climate friendly. To top it all is the Garden Route Casino that is located there.

However, you are a plan to visit just for the casino that you will be pleased to know that Garden Route Casino has 16 table games and over 400 slots. Roulette, Video Poker, Raise Em Poker, Blackjack, and slots are all available to play. Of course you can play all these games using springbok (review) or thunderbolt, but gaming in a landbased casino is something entirely different.

The slots are mostly placed in three areas in the Garden Route Casino. There is also a private gaming area, the Salon Prive if you prefer to play with just a few people. The private gaming area has 42 slot machines.

There are also breakfast, buffet, lunch café, and lounge restaurants. The Bravo Lounge has been highly rated to be the best place to chill in the after-hours. The lounge offer entertainment that keeps you calm, having fun and busy. From live music, comedy shows, to karaoke, the Bravo Lounge offers you quite the experience.

The Garden Route hotel is also part of the casino. It has 42 rooms with access to free Wi-Fi, stellar service, additional restaurants and other amenities to ensure your stay is comfortable while you are at the hotel.



The Garden Route casino offers a mix of slot and table games. The slots are found in two areas of the casino. The smoking section has 158 slots while the non-smoking section has 212 slots. The Salon Prive also has 42 slots for the private gamers. The casino has a mix of video slots and reel slots. If you are more of classic kind of player, the reel slots will suit you.

The table games include blackjack, Roulette, and Raise Em Poker. The Raise Em Poker is famous for adding the same excitement of real poker.

Dining Options

The Casino has a number of restaurants and diners that offer some of the best delicacies in Mossel Bay. Most of the dining option is kid-friendly, good for groups, takes reservations and the price range is average. The best dining options include:

  • Red Cherry Café: they serve coffee, seafood, bread and pastries, pasta specialties and a la carte. Even your kids will love their menu
  • Admirals Buffet: serves classic meals at a buffet, both lunch, and dinner. They also offer wine and cocktails
  • Bravo Lounge: offers you show, entertainment, fun, and drinks as well. This is where all the entertainment is. They also have a big screen where you can watch live sports.

Other Offers

They also have several event and meeting rooms with a seating of up to 150 people. Whether it’s a convention, business meeting or a wedding, they also offer catering services. They also have cartoon land for the kids as well as cosmic candy shops. There is a golfing coursed in case you would love to take a break from the casino slots.


Garden Route Casino also has an incredible reputation as well. The customer service is excellent, fantastic game selection and poker rooms. The Dining is also spectacular.


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